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Stroll into the Langkawi Wildlife Park and marvel at the diversity of wildlife up close and personal as you walk along tropical landscape gardens. Although home to over 150 different species from around the globe namely Africa, South East Asia, Australia, South America, Russia and Malaysia, the wildlife park is predominantly famous for its aviaries, with over 2,500 exotic birds like owls, canaries, toucans, eagles, flamingos and hornbills – Every bird-watchers dream destination.

The Langkawi WildLife Park exhibits are designed closely to resemble nature’s habitat especially for bird watching. It’s a place for you to escape from an urban lifestyle and unwind with ease. Since there’s just too many birds, reptiles and mammals to name here so here’s some animals you can look out for:


Birds, birds, and birds!
Packets of food are for sale for you to spread some love to birds. Stretch out your hand and see the Lovebirds (or Budgerigars) flutter its way to your palm to feed on the mullet seeds. Fast little eaters they are and they’d leave your palm empty in no time. Then get close to the enormous Ostriches and socialize with them, though they are mostly likely interested in the shredded greens for a tea break snack. Watch the ducks clean their feathers without a care in the world before you whip out your camera to take picture of Uganda’s national bird, the Grey Crowned Crane – there’s really no mistaking these birds like to dance too. Interestingly, they don’t tweet like most birds too, far from it… they actually honk (rather loud too).

Oh Deer, Oh My!
So Mousedeer aren’t exactly mice, nor are they deer! With a round body, spindly legs, and long fangs, this odd creature gives the platypus a run for its money – and they are Chevrotains. At first glance, it’s easy to see them as a weird mash-up of a deer and a mouse. In fact, Mousedeer share a suborder with deer but are not considered “true deer.” Earn the little shy Mousedeer’s trust as it sniffs your hand, then watch it accept the cherry tomatoes and long beans in small bites from your hand. Chevrotain fact! After getting pregnant, a female chevrotain will carry the offspring for five to nine months, depending on the species. The baby can usually stand on its own within one hour of being born. Talk about fast development!

Birds of Prey!
Pray that you don’t become prey to these birds of prey. Kidding! Jokes aside, in the Birds of Prey section, you will witness birds like vultures and eagles. The South African Vulture is the most unusual sight to behold. If ever there’s a bird suffering from bad press, it must be the vulture. Their unflattering appearance perfectly suits their vital ecological function. If they look like undertakers, it is because they are; clearing away the dead, and still leaving you speechless. Then admire the Brahminy Kites and White-Bellied Sea Eagles from Southeast Asia as they remain majestic and fearless in their territory. If you’re brave enough, ask the guides to let an eagle perch on your hand. Remember, the eagle feared no adversity and neither do you!


Other Animals waiting for you…
Get a close up of the Cordial Bear Cats, Tropical Giant Squirrels, Pigtail Macaques, Slow Loris, Leaf-Monkeys, Tammar Wallabies, Asian Palm Civets, Batik Pythons, Buffy Fish, Australian Palm Cockatoos – They are all for your enjoyment to feed and feel. But do mind your fingers! Some of them can get a little too “excited”. The same could be said for the freshwater Arapaima from the Amazon. Native to South America, this fish is a whopper! These fish are known to be quite aggressive predators and will attempt to take down whatever food source they come across, so watch out!

Food & Shopping
Giving you time to energize, there’s an on-site restaurant called Brahminy Kite Cafe serving snacks and full meals. Savour local favourites like Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rice, or help yourself with a generous portion of homemade sandwiches. Otherwise, just sit back and relax with a good cup of coffee and a plate of fresh cut fruits. Some of the shopping outlets in the complex include a duty-free zone, souvenir kiosk and a crystal store. Located at the back of the gallery, you can browse through an extensive display of rare crafted and raw crystal ornaments from Brazil and China. Besides purchasing the crystals, don’t shy away from asking the friendly staffs about its curative and therapeutic properties. They’d be more than pleased to assist you.

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