What’s Included

  • Snorkeling and other activities at Survivor Island, Snake Island, White Sand Spit and Volcano Mud Lake
  • Land & Boat return transfer (within Kota Kinabalu)
  • Tour guide
  • Local lunch
  • Snorkeling and safety equipment


Experience being a survivor for a day at Pulau Tiga, the famous setting of the hit reality TV show ‘Survivor’. Plunge into the crystal clear water of Pulau Tiga and explore the rich marine life below by snorkeling. After long hours under the sun, dip in and have fun in the therapeutic Volcanic Mud to rejuvenate your skin.

Survivor Island
Survivor Island got its name out of nowhere. Pulau Tiga was essentially unfamiliar to many, until it became a household place name in America, much thanks to the highly successful TV Series, “Survivor”. Formed by an epic volcanic eruption over a hundred years ago, the name when translated means ‘Three’, inspired by the three undulating humps visible from a distance when approaching the island. Gear up for your snorkeling session or you can spend the whole afternoon on the survivor island at your own leisure. Lunch is provided.
Snake Island
According to a legend, Snake Island is the resting place of a heartbroken princess, whose lover is turned into a rock by the black magic of her sisters. The angry king penalized the evil sisters by turning their islands into mud volcanoes (Pulau Tiga). Though Snake Island is tiny, it has an interesting plant such as the tall Pisonia tree, which has smooth bark and grows well in the sandstone, limestone, and shale of Snake Island. Naturally, you’ll come across the slithering creatures on the island. If you’re lucky, you might get a chance to witness the banded sea snakes. Although venomous, they are shy creatures in the presence of humans. Their striking color and undulating movement through the water are spectacular sights to behold.
White Sand Spit
Stretching over one Kilometer, this white sandy beach is long and unspoiled, and the seawater is pristine, clean, and crystal for a perfect dive.
Volcano Mud
A visit to Pulau Tiga is incomplete without getting yourselves dipping in the mud volcano. Some people believe that mud possesses medicinal and therapeutic properties which are good for skin. After the mud bath, walk to the beach and wash off the mud in the sea.

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