What’s Included

  • Access to The Gravityz
  • Sitting In The Sky: Confidence Path + High Bench
  • Half Challenge: Confidence Path + High Bench + A Great Bridge
  • Full Challenge: Confidence Path + High Bench + A Great Bridge + X Point + Z Wire + G Rocky


Ever wanted to challenge yourself to exceed your limits? To conquer your greatest fears or to simply step out of your comfort zone? To those out there who live for adrenaline pumped moments, The Gravityz is a platform for you to elevate yourself to new heights, literally.

The Gravityz facilitates activities that are out of the norm, considered by some to be extreme as it involves great heights. Yet, with great heights, come the privileges of great views and experiences. The Gravityz encourages everyone to build their confidence and to take a leap out of their comfort zone, hence our tagline: Beyond Confidence.

The Gravityz offers an experience that is out of this world as it features activities involving one of the best high-altitude sports platform in ASEAN; you will enjoy a breathtaking view comparable to an eagle eye’s view. At a height of 239m, The Gravityz feature six different obstacle challenges designed to challenge one’s fear of heights.

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